Anthony J Sargeant, Shropshire

Misty May Morning in Shropshire – by Anthony Sargeant


Anthony J Sargeant took this photograph on the 22nd May 2016 at 6 am from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home. After heavy rain yesterday mist rises up over the water meadows of the Corve Valley.

Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, Landscape photography, Shropshire

Bluebells in a Shropshire woodland – photographed by Anthony Sargeant


Anthony J Sargeant took this photograph on the 7th May 2016 in the deciduous woodland just above his Shropshire home.

Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant

Exit with Dignity – Anthony Sargeant

Exit with dignity

Death can be the release

from a lifetime

of misunderstanding

and miscommunication

when it is too late

and the days too few

to put things right.

To load oneself with stones

and walk into The Ouse

is to take control

to admit failure.

When to walk on

ever deeper into the chill waters

is an act of determination

if not courage.

To quietly wait for the cancer

to progress and consume is not:

That … is the cowards way out.


Anthony J Sargeant – April 2016

Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant

David Cameron is desperate -“World War Three will break out if we leave the EU” by Anthony J Sargeant

The scare tactics of the EU-Remain campaign have reached new farcical and frankly insulting heights with David Cameron’s latest pronouncement suggesting that if we left the EU then war would break out in Europe. He conjured up images of row upon row of white War Graves Commission headstones in France and elsewhere which would be once again added to as brave British boys had to go to war to ‘save Europe’.  Images of the Panzer divisions which would once again roll across the frontiers occupying Greece and other recalcitrant countries who refused to toe the EU-Eurozone line on tax and austerity.

Actually of course Germany has already achieved what the Kaiser and Hitler failed to do, which is to dominate and control most of the European continent in support of their economy which would struggle without foreign labour and the moderating effect of the desperate failed economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy etc, on the Euro. If the Germans had to return to the Deutsche Mark they would find it difficult to sell their high quality and expensive Deutsche Mark priced exports in the world markets.


That aside one might also return to another of the oft cited images about the EU which is to point to the example of The United States of America. Imagining that somehow a disparate groups of countries with different languages and cultures will coalesce into the ‘United States of Europe’ – which is the ultimate destination aimed at by the EU political project.

In that imagined scenario there are two serious flaws. One is that far from being a liberal and embracing image it suggests an inward looking ‘Fortress Europe’: Whereas many liberal minded people would rather have a ‘world view’ that reached out to other cultures and countries across the globe in a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration. The second more basic and frightening flaw is that the United States only remained ‘United’ after a bloody Civil War (the causes of which were ultimately economic – albeit related to slavery). In the American Civil War of 1861-65 there were over a million casualties. Far from the EU being a source of harmony and peace in Europe it is more probable that the deep economic divisions between the (necessary) perpetuation of rich and poor ‘States’ (because they would no longer be countries), in Europe would eventually erupt into some secessionist ‘civil war’ just as it did in the USA in 1861

Anthony J Sargeant, School

Boys from Haberdashers’ Aske’s at a party held by Tony Sargeant

Kathy Roy bracklesham bay 1963 1_0035

Here is a blast from the past – It is the summer of 1963 and the party is at the home of Tony Sargeant.

Centre stage is Mark Baxter – behind him Bris (Graham) Currie and then to the right Jim Maloney then Dave Powell. To the extreme left is Brian Howard. Hidden by Jim Maloney is probably Pete Pailthorpe. and dancing on the extreme right one might guess Colin ‘Bert’ Baker. The girl I seem to remember was one of two sisters and had a Swedish mother and name – Ilva or something?

“Those were the days my friends” wearing ties and a blazer to a party!

Oh and by the way a small detail – What about the 1960s pattern of the curtains and the little shelves on the wall.