Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, Shropshire

Spring Sunrise in Shropshire


Anthony Sargeant took this photograph from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home on 22nd April 2017. On the mid horizon the trees are not yet in full leaf though the green buds are just starting to open.

Anthony Sargeant, Landscape photography, Shropshire

Shropshire woodland carpeted with Lesser Celandine – to be followed by bluebells

Anthony Sargeant went to pick Wild Garlic along the Shropshire lane close to his home and found this woodland carpeted with the yellow star-like flowers of Lesser Celandine. A magical scene

via Shropshire woods carpeted with Lesser Celandine — Tony Anthony J Sargeant

Anthony Sargeant

Where is God?

Feuerbach Ludwig_Andreas_Feuerbach

In the 19th Century Feuerbach noted that :
The secret of all theology was anthropology – and that religious beliefs were nothing but the projections of human qualities and human values onto a (non-existent) deity.
Thus the history of Christianity shows that religion itself approximates ever more closely to the insight of the real unity between the divine and the human.
God is not “out there” – God is nothing but the universal aspect of our own human being.

Anthony Sargeant

Bracklesham Bay 1963 – a sunny summers’ day

Kathy Roy bracklesham bay 1963 1_0021

Larking about on the beach – Anthony Sargeant ( Tony ) took this photograph in 1963 on a visit to Bracklesham Bay (West Sussex on the South Coast of England) when he drove down in his first car (1936 Ford 10) from South London with Barbara to see friends, Steve, Mark, and Bob  who were working at Bracklesham Bay Hotel during the summer vacation. It was a fine sunny day and we went to the beach – This is Tony’s best friend of that time, Steve Lee larking about in the shallow water on the beach.