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Where is God?

Feuerbach Ludwig_Andreas_Feuerbach

In the 19th Century Feuerbach noted that :
The secret of all theology was anthropology – and that religious beliefs were nothing but the projections of human qualities and human values onto a (non-existent) deity.
Thus the history of Christianity shows that religion itself approximates ever more closely to the insight of the real unity between the divine and the human.
God is not “out there” – God is nothing but the universal aspect of our own human being.

Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, School

Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham Boys’ School – School Captains


Honours Board in the School hall listing School Captains since 1930. Anthony Sargeant, Tony, remembers the sign-writer coming once a year to update this and the other honours board. Done in situ he would climb a step ladder and paint the name in with a yellow sticky paint before applying the gold leaf. In 1960 Tony took the school photographs including the school prefects with Mr Goddard the Headmaster. In that year there were joint school captains as can be seen on the board, Paul Clements and Adrian Moss.

Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, Shropshire

Shropshire Lambs in February

Anthony Sargeant took this photograph of the lambs in the field next to his Shropshire home on Sunday 19th February 2017. The house is surrounded by pasture land for sheep and it is wonderful to see the arrival of new lambs. Spring is approaching and the days are getting longer and warmer as the month goes on.

via Early Lambs in Shropshire fields — Tony Anthony J Sargeant

Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, Landscape photography, Shropshire

Primroses are flowering in Shropshire


The English countryside is starting to come to life as Spring approaches. Around the Shropshire home of Anthony J Sargeant primroses are flowering in sheltered spots and some lanes have been carpeted with snowdrops for a few weeks. It will be good to get some more daylight as Spring approaches and some warmth into the soil.

Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, cooking

Arbroath Smokies with Potato Dauphinois


Arbroath Smokies are one of those treasures of Scottish regional food. Hot smoked small haddock from the East coast of Scotland. Anthony Sargeant has flaked the meat from the bone and skin and layered it with Potato Dauphinois (for recipe see the excellent book by Rick Stein ‘Seafood lovers guide’ page 93). Here served with a green salad and a few spicy stuffed peppers from Macedonia.

Anthony J Sargeant, Shropshire

Slow Roasted Mutton


Supermarket shelves in the UK usually only have lamb but rarely if ever mutton (that is, adult sheep meat). Mutton has a richer more interesting flavour and is available from good butchers. Anthony Sargeant bought this half-shoulder of Mutton from Ludlow Food Centre in Shropshire. Studded with garlic it was slow roasted at 100 degrees Celsius for 12 hours. Difficult to see in the photograph but it was still slightly pink and fell apart as it was carved.

Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, cooking

Omelette Arnold Bennett


Omelette Arnold Bennett part-cooked on the hob in a 30cm pan then finished under the grill. Anthony Sargeant loves to cook this comfort food. 6 eggs with about 300g of pre-poached naturally smoked haddock makes enough for 4 portions. After part-cooking on the hob the top is then sprinkled with grated cheese (parmesan in this case) and a little double cream and finished under a hot grill. See Rick Stein’s excellent book “Sea Food Lovers’ Guide” for recipe and instructions. Serve with green leaf salad and perhaps a spicy stuffed pepper or two.