Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, Shropshire

Spring Sunrise in Shropshire


Anthony Sargeant took this photograph from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home on 22nd April 2017. On the mid horizon the trees are not yet in full leaf though the green buds are just starting to open.

Anthony Sargeant, Shropshire

Hellebores in the late afternoon Spring sunshine

These lovely Hellebores were photographed by Anthony Sargeant in the garden of his Shropshire home this afternoon (6th April 2017). Subtle and secretive in habit, with downcast blooms in white and green, they are a delight.

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Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, Shropshire

Shropshire Lambs in February

Anthony Sargeant took this photograph of the lambs in the field next to his Shropshire home on Sunday 19th February 2017. The house is surrounded by pasture land for sheep and it is wonderful to see the arrival of new lambs. Spring is approaching and the days are getting longer and warmer as the month goes on.

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Hooray ! Local Asparagus is here in Shropshire

2015_0526reading0001 wonderful asparagus quiche with salad potatoes prepared with wild garlic leaves garnished with chive flowers

Anthony J Sargeant is celebrating the arrival of the first local Shropshire grown asparagus with a beautiful light Quiche, complemented with a wild garlic and potato salad and some mixed salad. All decorated with delicately flavoured purple chive flowers.The asparagus comes from a farm a few miles away in Bridgnorth and is incredibly sweet – it is worth waiting for the season of home grown asparagus – the super markets amazingly are still trying to sell asparagus flown in from Peru (all the year round) which does not compare to the real thing! It really is waiting and eating only when it is in season here in England.