Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, cooking, Shropshire

Christmas Eve Dinner, December 2017 prepared and cooked by Anthony Sargeant

The main ingredient a wonderfully fresh Cornish Lobster bought from the excellent Barkworths in Shrewsbury Indoor Market, Shropshire, England:


Barkworth’s are a very highly recommended supplier of fish – if in doubt ask for their advice. Tony buys and cooks a lot of fish and has yet to find a better supplier of fish. The lobster was prepared and used to create a somewhat Retro-meal by Tony Sargeant – Lobster Thermidor.


Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, cooking

Squid and Chips

Battered Squid rings chips and a mixed salad

Battered squid (kalamari) cooked by Anthony Sargeant served with crisp chips (double fried technique) and a mixed salad. Simple but very good and a reminder of Greek Islands in the warmth of a Mediterranean summer  – very far away from winter in Shropshire, England.

Anthony J Sargeant, cooking, Shropshire

Magnificent Hake ordered and bought a Shrewsbury Indoor Market


Anthony Sargeant is holding a magnificent fresh Hake ordered from the highly recommended ‘Barkworths Sea Food’ at Shrewsbury Indoor Market. Collected yesterday it was in superb condition very firm, bright eyes and natural slime (always a good sign). Filleted into two side fillets then divided into twenty generous sized portions (9th September 2017).

Anthony Sargeant

Sprats for supper – now in season and ‘cheap as chips’ — Tony Anthony J Sargeant

Supper the other evening was sprats pan fried by Anthony Sargeant in an almost dry pan after coating with a little seasoned flour. Served with a slightly spicy pepper relish and green salad. Sprats are so cheap but delicious when well seasoned and with a little lemon juice.

via Sprats for supper – now in season and ‘cheap as chips’ — Tony Anthony J Sargeant

Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, cooking

Arbroath Smokies with Potato Dauphinois


Arbroath Smokies are one of those treasures of Scottish regional food. Hot smoked small haddock from the East coast of Scotland. Anthony Sargeant has flaked the meat from the bone and skin and layered it with Potato Dauphinois (for recipe see the excellent book by Rick Stein ‘Seafood lovers guide’ page 93). Here served with a green salad and a few spicy stuffed peppers from Macedonia.

Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, cooking

Omelette Arnold Bennett


Omelette Arnold Bennett part-cooked on the hob in a 30cm pan then finished under the grill. Anthony Sargeant loves to cook this comfort food. 6 eggs with about 300g of pre-poached naturally smoked haddock makes enough for 4 portions. After part-cooking on the hob the top is then sprinkled with grated cheese (parmesan in this case) and a little double cream and finished under a hot grill. See Rick Stein’s excellent book “Sea Food Lovers’ Guide” for recipe and instructions. Serve with green leaf salad and perhaps a spicy stuffed pepper or two.