Anthony J Sargeant, cooking, Shropshire

Asparagus Soup (part 4)

Once asparagus is softened Anthony J Sargeant adds mild chicken stock – but you could use vegetable stock. Cook all together then put into liquidiser and add seasoning as needed. Liquidise to a smooth soup adding additional liquid if needed. The result will be a saucepan of smooth delicious asparagus soup which can be put in the fridge or used immediately with a swirl of double cream and chopped chives for decoration.




Anthony J Sargeant, cooking, Shropshire

Asparagus Soup by Anthony J Sargeant (part 3)

sweat off finely chopped onion in a pan with butter (image 1)


then add the asparagus pieces and cook them off until soft (about 15 minutes at low heat – – adding more butter as needed (image 2 – below)


Anthony J Sargeant, cooking, Shropshire

Asparagus Soup (part 2)


Following slicing of the trimmings from one bag of asparagus this is the end result with very little wastage (see left of picture). Now the next stage is too cook down the trimmings. (Oh – by the way Anthony J Sargeant highly recommends Wusthof knives – not only are they excellent knives but the after-sales service is exemplary.

Anthony J Sargeant, cooking, Shropshire

Asparagus Soup

Anthony J Sargeant uses the trimmings of fresh local asparagus to make delicious soup.


Wonderful English Asparagus is in season. But when you snap off the ends of asparagus do not throw the pieces away – put them to one side (top of picture) then thinly slice with a sharp nice (see right). If you feel the stem starting to resist and becoming woody discard that last portion (see left discards).

See the next post for the following step.

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Hooray ! Local Asparagus is here in Shropshire

2015_0526reading0001 wonderful asparagus quiche with salad potatoes prepared with wild garlic leaves garnished with chive flowers

Anthony J Sargeant is celebrating the arrival of the first local Shropshire grown asparagus with a beautiful light Quiche, complemented with a wild garlic and potato salad and some mixed salad. All decorated with delicately flavoured purple chive flowers.The asparagus comes from a farm a few miles away in Bridgnorth and is incredibly sweet – it is worth waiting for the season of home grown asparagus – the super markets amazingly are still trying to sell asparagus flown in from Peru (all the year round) which does not compare to the real thing! It really is waiting and eating only when it is in season here in England.