Anthony J Sargeant, School

“A Hard Day’s Night”


On the 24th August 1964 Anthony J Sargeant went to see this film at an afternoon showing at the Streatham Odeon with his then girlfriend, Jo Gamgee, who went to Mary Datchelor’s Girls School in London (there were a lot of boy-girl friendships between the girls who went to Datchelor’s and the boys who went to Haberdashers’ Aske’s which school Tony had attended).

Jo lived in one of those large early 19th Century houses in Lancaster Avenue, Tulse Hill in South London. When he arrived that afternoon her older sister Janice was helping her finish making a flared cotton skirt – remembered as being of a small floral print material (a bit Laura Ashley’ish) worn with white cotton knee socks as was the fashion at that time in the 1960s.

Tony remember both sisters with great affection. He was subsequently dumped by Jo – in retrospect probably quite rightly (but nonetheless greatly regretted by Tony) for being inebriated at a Saturday night party at the Bellingham Road home of one of his friends, Bert Baker.

Tony hopes both sisters had an interesting life – choosing that word with care – it is probably the best for which we can hope.


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