Anthony J Sargeant

Andy the wonderful blonde dollop of a dog who shared our home for many years

Andy 2011

Our wonderful dog Andy who died a few years ago. He was a great big dollop of a dog. An Alsatian cross his body shape underneath all that blond hair was pure alsatian as indeed was his mother – but where the long hair came from, who knows? Perhaps it was a mutation. Anthony Sargeant remembers going to the rescue kennels to meet his kids to be met by this bounding irrepresible great dollop of a dog with so much affection. He was irrestible even though he had been taken by three other families before we got there but had been returned each time because he was too much of handful. Fortunately we had a large home and garden with fields behind and so he came home with us and stayed for many years. Fondly remembered all these years later.


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