Anthony J Sargeant, School

Haberdasher’s Aske’s Hatcham School for Boys (1955-62) – the Music Room (page 2)

gas clearance station music room_0009

Figure 1. This ground plan shows the location of the single storey WW2 Gas Clearance Station the left hand side of which was used as music rooms. The right hand side was used by the Combined Cadet Corp, and later The Explorers’ Club as a store. Built to withstand bomb blasts it was constructed of reinforced concrete and was inset into the grassy hillside below the main school buildings and the asphalt playground. The dashed lines represent the school boundary with the back gardens of the Victorian housing of Pendrell Road to the South and Walburton Road to the East. Standing alone on the east side of the playground the gymnasium was built in the 1930s and opened by Prince Arthur of Connaught. Above the gym was the Art room with large north and east facing windows. At one end above the Art Room was a water tank and a Royal Observer Corp lookout post which was still operational in the 1950s. Installed on the tallest building on the very top of Telegraph Hill the observation post had a view across the whole of the London Basin and the skies to the south and east from which direction enemy aircraft might approach to attack the capital.


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