Anthony J Sargeant, Anthony Sargeant, cooking

Fettuccine with English cockles cooked by Anthony Sargeant


Anthony Sargeant Tony says this is a very simple dish but one that needs good ingredients – good pasta and fresh live cockles in the shell (very important – don’t be tempted to substitute frozen cockle meat). Treat the cockles much as you would moule mariniere – shallots softened in butter then white wine till boiling then add cockles and put lid on, shaking occasionally, for a few minutes. Remove the cockles and take the meat out of the shells (you can keep a few shells for decoration if you like). Reserve the wonderful liquor adding some double cream and reduce it – then reincorporate the cockle meat to warm it through and parsley. Then all spooned together with the Fettuccine. (1 kg of cockles in the shell yields about 130g of cockle meat – enough for two portions). This was last night’s supper, 6th March 2016. The live English cockles were bought from Birmingham Market on Saturday morning.


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